WELCOME to The Victory Church International, home on the Web. Ready For Something New? Ready For something Real? Maximize Your Life at TVCI "A Church for all Nations and all Colors " We are Winning Souls, Making Disciples & Developing future Leaders" so Seek and Save the Lost ,Destroy the Works of the Devil and Live Abundant Life !

 We are a ministry that has been called to build people of purpose, power and praise. We depend on the Holy Spirit to lead us exactly where God wants us to go. We know that an understanding of God's Word is what you need to change your life.

 We are committed to helping you find your purpose and God's plan for your life. Through lifestyle evangelism ,we will help each person come into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and come to understand how to maximize their God given potential in a manner which glorifies God. From prosperity to divine healing, we teach God's Word uncompromisingly and with passion.

 We share the principles of good success through seven success principles for abundant living to empower the believer to fulfill his/her purpose in God on the earth, as the believer is firmly rooted in the word of God and get understanding that their source of their success comes from God , they will then give all praise and honor to God through Jesus Christ.

 Seven Principles of Good Success:

1) Love

2) Faith


4) Holiness

5) Character leadership

6) Integrity

7) Excellence with these are believing God for an Amazing Ministry


Pastor Anthony D Shannon, B.A., M.S. Div, Senior Pastor

Minister Glynis D. Shannon, B.A., First Lady